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What is this play about?

“The Weekend Workshop” is the story of a man who is pressured into going to a new-age self-help workshop because he is told that he needs to “find himself.”  What an outrage!  What an insult!  Why should he have to put up with this?


Ok, ok, fine.  Maybe it is at least somewhat true.  Maybe he is a bit out of touch with his feelings.  Maybe he doesn’t quite know his purpose in life.  But does that justify his having to endure a seemingly endless weekend of touchy-feely pseudo-spiritual “practices”?  And the people he has to deal with – don’t get me started!  The other workshop participants – Steve, Kip, Candy, Max, and Star-Thunder Hawk Flower (yes, that’s really her name) are each quirkier than the next.  And the Guru … well, she is a caricature of herself. 


And yet … is there something to all of this?  Is it all as foolish as it looks?  What if there is something underneath these philosophies and theories and practices?  What then?


“The Weekend Workshop” invites you to join our hero as he confronts the question: What is the difference between something that is just goofy and something that is utterly profound?  And how do you even know?


Energetic staging, clever wordplay, and lots of physical comedy make this a show that grabs and engages you from the first “om” to the last cuddle puddle.

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